Qualy Serv is a transnational quality control company set up in France in 2009. This territorial dispersion gives Qualy Serv the possibility to be wherever customers are in need.

The industrial experience of its people and their background diversity allows Control Partner to propose a spectrum of skills associating knowledge, flexibility and competitiveness.

Qualy Serv is today a major reference for the operations of control, sorting, quality firewalls and corrective actions plan.

Qualy Serv’s performances are mostly due to people’s engagement. Our solid experience in quality management ensures an optimum service followed by our clients with the help of the established key performance indicators.

Qualy Serv implements a constant strategy of development with the objective of quality and customer’s satisfaction.




QUALY SERV : Bureau - 30 route de la Digue, 57100 Thionville - Tel : +33 (0) 382 555 580 - E-mail :